Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Container Homes: Expert Tips

Container homes are not only popular, they are changing the way people live in a sustainable manner.
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Affordable Housing: A Home Made from Two Shipping Containers

Set in Southeast Dallas, the Reed Lane Container Home is an innovative example of affordable housing using repurposed shipping containers.
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Container Home made with 2 x 45ft Shipping Container

These container homes highlight the versatility and potential of using shipping containers for residential purposes in Oregon City.
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Transform Your Backyard: 5 Inspiring Shipping Container Homes and Tiny Cabins

alt text
We explore five gorgeous designs to inspire you to transform your own backyard (or plot in the wilderness for the lucky) into an oasis. 
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Ashley Street Container Lofts

The architecture of the Ashley Street Container Lofts is eye-catching because of its scale and use of shipping containers.
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How to Purchase Shipping Containers

Learn how to purchase shipping containers with tips on finding, selecting, and buying the right one for your needs.
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