2500 Sqft Container House made with 11 Shipping Containers

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Tokyo, Japan.

A magnificent container house project that we will show you today is located in Setagaya, one of the special districts of Tokyo, Japan.
The container house, built using 11 x 20ft containers, has an indoor area of ​​approximately 232 m2 and a roof terrace.

In Japan, the use of cargo containers and steel materials in construction is not allowed, so an extremely low cost cannot be expected.
For this reason, a registered building container unit (industrial product) was used for the container house instead of the cargo container, as accepted by the Building Standards Law. It is easy to say, but actually very difficult to realize …

It has been five years since Iron House TETSUYA completed Japan’s first two-story container house along the Takao Highway in Hachioji, which fully complies with the Building Standards Law.
During this period, he completed model houses and container houses / container buildings consecutively across the country.

However, the container house business seems easy, but in reality it is not straightforward in Japan and the conditions are strict and high set.

Therefore, with Iron House TETSUYA we share the difficulty of embodying various ideas in a container house, passionate about container houses and different ideas / dreams, regardless of individual or institution.

A hot topic among architects and creators around the world for the past few years is the ‘container house’. A building using a square-shaped iron box “container” that revolutionized international logistics and is said to be one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, but using a container house using a shipping container in Japan is legally difficult.

About Iron House TETSUYA

It is the brand name of a home manufacturer that mainly develops houses and shops / houses by building container units that fully support building approval.
The important thing is to use the proprietary building container unit (industrial product) instead of the shipping container that cannot be approved for the building.
Although it has just begun to be deployed, it took 21 years, including know-how, from development to completion.

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Iron House TETSUYA Building Container Unit Features

  • Recyclable
  • Worldwide standard size
  • Full support for building approval across Japan
  • Short construction period
  • Creative customization

IRON HOUSE TETSUYA – https://www.ih-tetsuya.com/


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