3 Shipping Container Transformations That Will Inspire You

The luxury of container houses in Brazil has been on the rise recently. With the modernized perspective designed by BH Home company in Brazil, a luxury container house has been created with modernity included in the house design.

This house with modern interior and exterior design named “Bh’s Container House” is built-in Matias countryside.

In addition, this house, which is one of the professional container houses designed by the BH company, has many features in every aspect. This container house, built by a professional company, consists of 3 containers.

A very modern look has emerged with the wide presentation of the suite bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and laundry sections in the container house.

By learning the details about the house, it will be possible to get to know and explore the construction features of the BH Home Container house. Capturing modernity with its superior features, this house will show itself prominently in Brazil.

The luxury furniture included in the interior design of the container house has been a good criterion to make the house look comfortable.

Located in a rural area, the house at this location in Brazil is one-story. Although it is a single storey, a large area is provided in the house.

Although the house is a single storey in terms of dimensions, it offers a large area and was built in a modern way. – Image Courtesy of BH Home Container
Those who prefer a single-storey house pay attention to keep the windows large, as they give the feeling of a large area. – Image Courtesy of BH Home Container

The paint of choice in the exterior design of this container house is known as acrylic and industrial exterior ink. Thanks to the steel preferred for the roof, it is seen that the house is quite strong and durable. It was built as a long-lasting structure against harsh weather conditions.

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Paying attention to the place of furniture and other items preferred in interior design in interior design has made the house look wider than it is. Comfortable bed preferences, furniture sets selected in harmony with the environment, and a kitchen can provide the desired effect in this house.

Container House Construction –  Image Courtesy of BH Home Container

The container house was built with 3 x 40HC Shipping Containers.

It is an important point that adds modernity to the house that the furniture, units, and cabinets preferred in the interior design of the house, which is preferred in home design, which is designed with an elite point of view, are in wooden color tones.

The house is one of the houses that can be preferred with the view of the countryside, thanks to the fact that the preferred elements in its interior and exterior design are quite successful. –  Image Courtesy of BH Home Container

With all these features, the BH container house has many different features for those who want to live in a container house.

Dark tones are especially preferred in areas such as furniture, bedrooms, and TV units in this container house. In this way, a common harmony has been created in the interior and exterior environments of the house. –  Image Courtesy of BH Home Container

Best Interior Design Container Houses

Many homes are gaining popularity as container homes are found in rural areas in Brazil. Especially in the interior design details of the container houses, the wooden tones that capture the modern perspective add a different ambiance to the houses. The details chosen for the interior design of the BH container house are shared below.

It is seen that the walls are in light shades of brown, along with the wooden parquets used in the interior design of the BH container house. In this way, care was taken to ensure that the dark colors create modernity in the house by ensuring color harmony in the house.

The combination of the living room and the kitchen in the same part of the house adds a cool style to the room. –  Image Courtesy of BH Home Container

Especially thanks to the large size of the room, the furniture and the materials in the kitchen are fully equipped.

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BH Container House Exterior Design Features

BH Home Container company, which carries out container house sales, has given great importance to the exterior design features of the container house in Brazil, which is designed. The institution, which makes the house more lively in exterior design by using many details, comes to the fore with the following features:

Paying attention to the glass windows of the doors in the exterior design of the house, the company has made the house look very bright and lively with the lighting on the terrace. –  Image Courtesy of BH Home Container

In addition, choosing glass windows as doors at home has been a very logical idea to make narrow spaces look wider.

It’s also a good idea to use your home’s terrace area. To create a quality environment against the view and to spend time, BH company, which creates sections such as furniture, barbecue, or playgrounds outside, has made the terrace to be used most efficiently.

This house, designed by BH in Brazil and one of the most popular houses of the company, may have caught your attention with its interior and exterior design.

For this reason, you may want to have such a container house.