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4000 Sqft. Shipping Container Home in Florida

Hi everybody

Today we will show you container house from USA.

4000 Square Meters Hybrid Shipping Container House In Dunnellon, Florida.

In this article, we will talk about a 4000 square meter container house built using 7 shipping containers located in Florida.

This unique shipping container house is built on 2 acres of land. This house belongs to a young couple who want to build their dream house at an affordable cost. The project was designed by their father, Architect Guil Bombonato.

The house was built from seven 9x8x40ft shipping containers and created 4000 square meters of livable space scattered over two floors.

The containers fit on a concrete slab foundation. The foundation could be overfilled, so a simpler base would be more appropriate.

The interior is divided by wooden framing and covered with gypsum board like a normal house. To improve thermal performance of the house, container walls are insulated with spray foam. The new steel roofs are equally insulated with spray foam for thermal comfort.

The fill area on the first floor containers is equipped with full-height glass and is covered with a triangular steel roof to create a double-volume living space.

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