A Small Home Built Using Cargo Container at Malaysia

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Malaysia.

At the point when 28-year-old Muhamad Azree Abd Rahim chose to manufacture a home designed out of a steel container three years prior, he never figured his work of adoration would reverberate with such a large number of others confronting the equivalent money related circumstance.

His container home sits on a clean 2,400sqf plot of land some 60km from Kuala Lumpur. The all out expense of the land and home is under RM75,000 (S$23,855).

Mr Azree said he decided to manufacture his home in Kampung Sijangkang on the grounds that property costs in the city put a customary home out of his compass. At the point when updates on his container home began spreading on the web, Mr Azree said numerous individuals reached him, looking for exhortation on the best way to construct comparative homes or inquiring as to whether he could plan such a home for them.

Then again, having a container home isn’t just less expensive yet in addition features one’s innovativeness.

“Container homes are the best option for young people. Technology has enabled container homes to be more comfortable and easier to live in,” Mr Azree said.

He said he only had to take a 10-year loan for his container home, a big difference compared with the 30-year loan he would have had to take had he bought a conventional home nearer to the city.

“In terms of commitment, I only have seven years left. Yes, I still needed a loan, but the repayment duration is so much shorter.”

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Mr Azree said at least 10 people had sought his advice on building container homes after the pictures of his container home went viral.

One decided to fabricate a comparable home close to Mr Azree, a companion is building one in Kedah and some have even consolidated the structure into a lodging.

“Many others just ask me for advice. I don’t provide building services, but I can give advice to those who are interested,” said the young man from Kluang, Johor. “Thankfully, this home is still sturdy, and I will keep repairing and improving it based on my creativity.”

Mr Azree said his container home is a token of the should be strong and break new ground even with difficulties. For him it was the absence of a home he could bear the cost of and living far away from KL.

“Not all work opportunities are in the city. The younger generation should look at the potential of finding jobs outside the city and not be too picky when it comes to location,” he said. He has decided to venture out on his own and set up a company designing websites. A section of his home will soon be renovated to serve as an office space.

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