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Building Your Dream Home by A Shipping Cargo Container: Definitive Guide

Do you come across stunning stories of individuals who built their cargo container houses with their own hands on Youtube, Instagram, or many other platforms? Okay, so now is the time to be one of them!

This e-book, which we offer you and contains all the theoretical details and practical steps you need about the container home building process, will be your real assistant! What’s in this book? Let’s explore now!

Comprehensive Container Home Building Guide: From Plan to Building

Let’s take a look at what’s in this digital set of four books:

Plan phase

Building a home to live in from a used container has its own challenges. In order to make the right choices and be satisfied with the result, you must first know what you want and plan them.

We have compiled all the questions you need to ask at the planning stage in the e-book. The research you need to do before going to the providers, the budget you need to allocate, the time and energy you need to set aside allow you to see the whole process from a bird’s eye view. That’s why we should listen to the planning phase from a real professional!

Design Phase

A luxury container house design or a more modest design? No matter what kind of house you imagine, the important thing is to calculate every detail from the kitchen to the exterior colors, from the entrance area of ​​the house to the corridors connecting the rooms.

In the design phase, the location of the rooms and the size of the windows and doors should be calculated by considering the locations of toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, the areas where the water installment will be managed, the electric system, which point the house will get the sunlight, and much more. In this case, you need the advice of a real professional.

Headache? No more.

Areas that need to be completely demolished due to a wrong installation? You have neither the time nor the money for this!

A process where you give up the project step by step because of wasted time?

No, it is not necessary anymore! You will be able to manage the process much more easily with the container home building guide e-book that we will present to you. You will take every step consciously.

Budget Planning Phase

One of the most important details in a shipping container home construction process is budget planning. You will have to constantly spend something in numerous categories. The labor fee you will give to a craftsman who will help you is not the only item of your expenses.

Purchasing the construction materials you need in interior and exterior design is also an important cost. Many materials, from parquet to exterior paint, from the railings you will use on the veranda to the columns that keep the house standing, will cause significant costs.

Moreover, on top of all this, we do not even count the furniture you will buy for decorative purposes in the house or the basic materials such as the kitchen cabinet.

Then it is very important that you are ready to spend realistically by calculating everything step by step. Note that in the budget planning to be carried out, finding the suppliers from which you will buy the equipment in the most affordable way must be included.

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Building Phase

Will you do the building yourself or work with a professional? Thanks to the “Build Your Own Shipping Container Home” e-book set we have prepared for you, you will be able to do every step by step without the need of a professional. By examining the sample home plans & projects of container homes through books, you will be able to complete your learning more easily through visuals.

Moreover, you will have the chance to easily examine the container architecture features and important details you need to pay attention to, thanks to the projects and papers. A comprehensive guide will really lower your building container home cost. In this way, you will have a great house in a cost-effective way.

Why You Must Have Container Home Building Guide E-Book?

As the owner of the Container Home Building Guide E-Book, in the process of building the perfect home, the kit we provide will allow you to learn about all and all of the following:

  • Important information to get you better acquainted with ISO shipping containers options
  • Important details of the construction planning process
  • Things to consider about the layout details of the site where you will build the floor plan and container home
  • When you want to build a two-story container house, technical information of all the details, from positioning stairs to doors or windows
  • Sixty different examples of shipping containers that are popular around the world and have many equivalents
  • Completed cargo container home project examples

With the above and much more, building your own shipping container home will be easier than you think. The four different books in our set will teach you everything you need in the process. What you need to do is to read the guide in detail and complete the steps according to the information you get from there at each step.

It’s really great, isn’t it?

Buy now for more!