Shipping Container House Plans – Making a Home in a Container

Shipping containers have long been a staple of the construction industry. However, they are increasingly being used for residential projects as well, as their popularity grows. Shipping containers used in residential construction are just like any other house-building plan: there are pros and cons, and a lot of time will be spent researching the options before finalizing the plan. Shipping containers are also friendlier to the average DIYer, saving you both time and money. But it’s smart to check out an experienced architect or design company before embarking on a container home project.

Finding your favorite model among thousands of container house layout can be the start of the job.


Shipping containers are often fast and easy to set up. If this is the plan for your future home, then speed should not be a problem – you can simply hire the services of professional designers to set up your home and then go about your daily life. Alternatively, you can save money by designing the container house yourself, but this takes more time and skill. Furthermore, most delivery services offer free delivery on most shipments. This makes getting things moved around town even easier, which is a pro in and of itself.

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The biggest downside to a shipping container house is space. Even though these containers are big enough to hold two or more adults, you still only have room for a single bed or futon, at best. Fortunately, there are solutions to this issue, including wall beds and sliding doors, as well as modular furniture plans that allow you to save space when building a home and then replace it with new furniture later. These are especially useful for studio apartments, where space is at a minimum.

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Architectural Solutions:

The architectural possibilities of shipping container homes are vast and luckily, there are several professional architects who can help you design a house that will fit into the space available. These architects will draw up plans for floor plans, kitchen and bathroom designs, as well as other furnishing options. Once these are drawn out, they can be shipped off to the construction site with you. Typically, the architectural firm that handled the design process will supply all of the necessary materials, so you won’t have to worry about buying them yourself.

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Shipping containers have one major con that is common with many manufactured homes – they are extremely cost effective. Even the largest containers can be purchased for less than a new home would cost, depending on the location and intended use. While the containers may not have all of the amenities available in a regular home, they can still be packed with attractive furniture and appliances, built-in cabinets and have the most basic of electrical systems. In many cases, shipping container homes can be as affordable as a used small home would be.

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Shipping containers can have some drawbacks, but overall they are an extremely good choice for any person or family who is in need of an alternative living option. They are easily assembled and shipped off, and depending on where you live, you could have your new home in just a few weeks from receiving your shipment. If you are interested in finding out more information on shipping container house plans and how to build your own home this may be the perfect thing for you. There is a lot of information online that can help you determine if this is the right choice for you or not.

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