Container House Developed with European Designers and Military Engineers

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Today we will show you container house from Moscow, Russia.

A great shipping container house has been developed with European designers and military engineers. It was built in 2020.

The house is located in a separate site with its own territory. The site and the entire region of the house are for you. On one side of the house there is a beautiful field and forest, on the other side is the waterfall Cherepovets lakes 100 meters.

FALCON HOUSES is a new themed holiday concept for two.

This stylish house made by transforming shipping containers is located in the Moscow region and is rented daily.

Prices: ( Weekdays Mon-Thu – $66 ), ( Weekends Fri, Sat – $132 ), ( Sunday – $92 )

The container house is made of a 40 ‘container divided into 2 parts. This made it possible to place a canopy and an entrance with a sauna at the end of the house.

With such a modest 29 m2 building area (25 m2 of living space) it was possible to meet all the needs for living: a bathroom, a kitchen-dining room, a relaxation area and a bedroom.

The nearest metro is only 15 minutes away.

While staying here, you can wake up with the first rays of the sun in the morning, wander around the grove, listen to the songs of the birds or enjoy reading a book in a peaceful environment.
You can also find astronomical stargazing, romantic dinners, horseback riding, lake boat rides, and much more.

Enjoying the sunset with a glass of mulled wine in such an amazing setting – what could be more beautiful?

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