Dreamy Container House Model with Outdoor Cinema

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house model on today’s tour is from Australia.

Container homes are very popular in alternative home solutions lately.

One of the great things about container homes is the industrial feel it brings to the outside of the house. Usually, we cannot see this image in the interior of the house because of the insulation. However, in houses built with shipping containers, we can say that the natural appearance of the containers is one of the important details that add character to the home.

The container house model that we will show you today is a one bedroom house created by placing 2 x 40FT high cube shipping containers side by side.

The interior of the container house is designed very contemporary. The entrance of the house is designed in a stylish way that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

We really liked the bedroom, all in one, dreamy and comfortable.

The first thing that catches your attention is the sweet little window seats. The seat protrudes from the outside so as not to further reduce the modest space of the container. The wardrobe deliberately surrounds the bed as a space-saving solution, but it turned out to be a good design solution for side tables as well.

The entire bathroom is tiled with glossy wall tiles that might seem a bit extreme, but the result is absolutely brilliant. The bathroom, which has a natural design, is a place where you can relax after a long and tiring day.

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Kitchen and dining areas are a single open-plan space that allows each space to enhance each other’s energy. The kitchen is modern with clean lines. Hiding the refrigerator, laundry, and dishwasher was crucial to maintaining this minimal clean look.

Factory style doors line one side to reveal your cozy little outdoor entertainment space.

Although we have mentioned that this is a house, a profitable Airbnb business can be done with this wonderful container structure.

One of the highlights of this shipping container house is the outdoor cinema system. To reveal your outdoor entertainment space, it shines the floor with warm subdued lights and sets the mood for an outdoor evening. Just pull the screen down and when not in use it gets tightly tucked between the pergola slats.


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