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Life Uncontained Shipping Container Home

Hi everybody 🤗

We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from USA.

Description from Life Uncontained

After years spent not knowing what to do with our lives, we have finally decided to chase what makes us happy.

Inspired by our past road trips, the hippies of the seventies, and the alien, Elon Musk, we are choosing to risk everything.

We are selling our traditional home, quitting our current jobs, and moving from Florida to Texas where we will build our dream debt-free net zero shipping container home.

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  1. Gill gignilliat January 9, 2020

    Is anyone familiar with a builder in SC (ideally low country) with experience in building with containers?

  2. Md Manzar Alam January 10, 2020

    Really this website helps us to explore more and get the best idea and designs since we are also in the same business, so we are reading articles and updates once we get notifications. If you are really looking for someone who can build a container house or container office of your dream in India, SAMAN POS India Private Limited is the best vendor to choose.

  3. Tara January 11, 2020

    Container Homes USA in Cleveland will travel to SC. They are doing a project there now.

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