Gable Roof Design Botriver Container House

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Botriver, South Africa.

Hello from South Africa, where the popular container houses have started to appear recently.

Today’s house, built using shipping containers that we will show you today, is located in the Botriver region of South Africa. Shipping container house is 2 bedrooms and loft.

The architecture of the house, in which 2 x 40 FT shipping containers were used in its construction, is far from the first container architecture that comes to mind. The homeowners have managed to build a different house using containers.

With the gable roof that makes the house look different, it is almost impossible to understand that the house was built using containers. The most wonderful part of the container house is its veranda in front of the heat. Sliding doors opening to the veranda are another noteworthy detail.

The cost of this beautiful container house with 140 sqm area is R1.3 Million (aprox $79000). The price is all in and includes architects fees, structural engineer fees, soil tests etc.

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Convenient in lifting, fixing and compounding, Container Homes are gaining considerable traction around the world. Container homes are considered as eco-friendly houses and buildings based on non-polluting materials. In recent past, a significant rise in demand for affordable housing structures has been witnessed. Utilization of used shipping containers to build prefabricated construction is an ongoing trend witnessed in the global construction industry.

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Modular Buildings are slowly getting a hand on with many builders and construction companies in developing nations. The concept has already gained popularity in developed nations.

According to a survey, home owners consider prefabricated container homes as trustworthy and a practical and sensible way of building. Cost is also considered to be beneficiary factor prevailing the growth of container homes market. Container homes are considered to be 20X cheaper in maintenance than concrete and 55% stronger than wood buildings.


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