She Herself Designed and Built Her Tiny House with a Recycled Shipping Container in Australia

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Today we will show you container house on today’s tour is from Australia.

Today, we will tell you a story that you will read with envy, especially in times of this pandemic.

The protagonist of our story is Jennifer. Jennifer and her 20-year-old daughter live with sheep, goats, horses and alpacas on the 42-acre estate they bought in 2016.

Jennifer designed and built the tiny container house herself. Jennifer shared all the details about the container house, which she built according to her off-grid lifestyle, for those who are curious on her blog.

The Tiny House Sustainable Living blog, opened on July 1, was highly acclaimed by users and achieved 13,000 page views within the first month.

All details have been considered while building the tiny container house. The house, which is independent of the grid, is self-sufficient with rainwater collection tanks and an underground septic system.

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When we look at the house from the outside, the first details that catch our eye are the harmony of the non-glossy matt color of the house with the wooden details on the ceiling. The large windows that make the house brighter and the lighting at the doorway are some of the other details that increase the beauty of the house.

If you want to benefit from Jennifer’s experiences, you can follow Tiny House & Sustainable Living Australia Blog! and learn everything from allocating a budget for construction to creating a sustainable lifestyle.


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