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Today we will show you container house on today’s tour is from South Redondo Beach, California, USA.

Discover the role Crossville collections play in the creation of a multi-generational family complex in South Redondo Beach, California.

Touted as the largest shipping container home project in California, the Lucia Container Home utilized 14 upcycled shipping containers to create a multi-generational family complex on a single, 6,000 square foot lot in the beautiful Blue Zone community of South Redondo Beach, California.

The completed structure comprises 4,400 square feet of living space configured into two connected residential units. With a focus on sustainability and a thoughtful design process, this unique project models a way of living that is in harmony with the environment.

From the framing to design of the interior, the homeowner, Paula Dowd, worked with AIA architect Peter DeMaria, designer Kym Battaglia, and general contractor Rudy Perez to select systems that maximize efficiency and products that adhere to highest standards in sustainability.

By using the upcycled shipping containers, the estimated cost for framing was approximately 25% less than that of traditional framing of a similarly sized home.

In accordance with strict city requirements, the raw exterior of the containers was not to be exposed. That meant that the design team had to identify a creative solution to cover the structure—a solution that would result in a facade that is not only attractive, functional, and extremely durable but that also maintains the environmentally-friendly design that is at the heart of the entire project.

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The design team turned to Crossville’s gauged porcelain tile panels to answer the facade challenges beautifully. Within the product line-up, the design team identified the Crossville’s Oxide collection in the Moro color—a selection that mimics the look of Corten steel but meets the city’s design requirements.

This product was specified to cover the front of the building. It also enabled the homeowner to keep their desired look and feel while honoring the vision for sustainability, as Crossville’s gauged porcelain tile panel collections are manufactured responsibly and provide longevity and durability for a lasting installation.

As it turned out, the color of the tile panels contributed greatly to the overall style of the home. As Dowd shared, “This would be the crown jewel of the exterior of the home. It is the first thing people see and sets the tone of the whole project.”

Dowd went on to explain, “When we discovered your gauged porcelain tile panel line, it fit perfectly, not just because it comes in such an interesting large format and the color is amazing, but also because, as we read more about who you are as a company, we were struck by the similarity in values that we share.

We love your focus on sustainability. In fact, we love it so much we have chosen Crossville tile for several areas inside the home as well.”

In addition to the panels that are used on the home’s exterior, the design team specified Crossville’s Moonstruck collection in Luna for floors and walls, Color By Numbers in Tea for Two for wall installations, and Crossville’s Bianco Statuario, polished in 5.6mm, for walls, as well.

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“Overall, the beautiful and diverse selection of tile with recycled content is best in class,” Dowd concludes.

Project Participants:
Distributor: Longust Distributing
Architect: Peter DeMaria
Interior Designer: Kym Battaglia, BattagliaStile
General Contractor: Rudy Perez, Obed Group
Tile Installer: John Battaglia, Battaglia Granite & Marble
Project Manager: Paula Dowd


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