Conversion of 2 Shipping Containers into a Striking Home

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Today we will show you container house from Oregon, USA.

We’ve shown you many great container houses before in Oregon City. As Living in a Container, Relevant Buildings comes to mind when we see a shipping container house built in Oregon.

As a team, we really appreciate the work this firm has done and congratulate them on making these amazing container conversions.

The shipping container house we’re going to show you today is one of the coolest homes Relevant Buildings have ever built.

2 x 45 FT shipping containers were used in the construction of the house, which has two bedrooms. Container house 783 Sqft. has usage area. Every point in the house has been thought out to the finest detail and a perfect workmanship has been put forward.

The structure, created by combining two shipping containers, has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living area and a wooden deck where you can have a pleasant time.

The large living space in the house is truly spacious. In the compactly designed interior, there are Slick Kitchen w / quartz counters, stainless applique, island with food bar and many cabinets.

The sliding door used for the bathroom is very stylish and useful. The luxurious vinyl flooring on the floor adds a rustic atmosphere to the home.

The last list price of the house on Zillow is $314,900.

We congratulate and thank the manufacturer Relevant Buildings for this beautiful home.


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