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3 Bedrooms Luxury Shipping Container House Model by Priscila Azzini

Hi everybody

Today we will show you container house model by Architect Priscila Azzini.

Today, we  want to give you the good news that we are launching a new series on Living in a Container blog.
As of today, we will present you examples of models made with shipping containers created by proven architects around the world.

The container house we will talk about in this article has 3 bedrooms. When designing this wonderful house, everything a family may need was taken into consideration. The house is designed in a way that is suitable for natural lighting for less energy need.

The columns at the entrance of the house give the house a really imposing appearance. The roof-to-floor windows of the container house are proof of the transformation of shipping containers into a modern home.

On the ground floor of the house, there is an entrance hall, dining room, living room, kitchen, wine cellar, toilet and laundry. On the second floor, there are 3 bedrooms, one of them is a suite and the other two are demi-suites. There is a pool and mini golf in the backyard of the house with a barbecue area on the roof deck.

Four 40 FT HC shipping containers were used in this truly magnificently designed container house project.

Compared to traditional building, container houses do not require foundation, faster build time and become a more sustainable building.

For More Information About the Project :


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  1. Thomas Kuempfel September 27, 2020

    Hallo Priscilla
    Deine Ideen sind einfach toll. Und wie du Nutzung und Aussehen verschmelzen lässt ist einfach genial. Was kostet so ein luxushaus und wie ist ihr Verhalten in Beziehung Wärme und Schalldämmung?
    LG Thomas

  2. Zizikazi Ngani October 16, 2020

    Hi Priscilla

    I love the art of your work so much and I am in the process of buying myself a plot and i would like very much to use the shipping containers with your designs as well.

    Do you also work in South Africa?

    Your responce will be much appreciated ?

    Kind regards


  3. Riichard Caldarone January 27, 2021

    Very impressed with the outside as well as the inside. Other than the Plans on the Webb are there any other Plans ? I live in Hawaii. Where are you located ? The 3 BDRM house is awesome !

  4. Debra Clark January 28, 2022

    I would like to buy your micro home (Container models) to buy communities.

  5. Chaeleace Johnson February 14, 2022

    I would like to purchase one of your plans

  6. Charlene Averette April 13, 2022

    Hell I live in NC near the RTP. We are expecting numerous companies moving here with their families and will need homes!!!!! I don’t know about where you are but lumber prices are thru the roof. Selling homes soany their isn’t any. They are buying land out in the country. Whit that being said….
    I live in the city limits on a heavily traveled road as well I own a 9.5 acre farm five miles from our town of Creedmoor NC.
    I propose thos to you…
    Build me one of your container homes and I promise u it will be a big hit for you!!!!!
    This is t a bunch of bullshit just trying to look out for my daughter and your homes are beautiful!!!! I can advertise for u!!!!
    I can certainly guarantee u major profit.
    I am of 15 miles from Raleigh, Durham , NC and Va state lines etc.
    Hey look up Granville county NC register of deeds and u can view my property which I am about to sell 6 acres.

  7. Lucy A June 23, 2022

    I am in love with your 3 Bedrooms Luxury Shipping Container House Model by Priscila Azzini made in 4 40ft containers.
    Do you ship these internationally , if so who much would the house with shipping cost to ship to the Seychelles?
    Grateful for your kind reply.

  8. Eri Washington June 29, 2022

    Hi Priscila,

    Do you sell your concepts? And if so, can you please send a quote I live in the the United States and considering building a container home from one of your designs.

  9. Peter August 7, 2022

    I was wondering if you list the advantages of starting this with containers vs other tradtional building. Also the overall cost? My experience, limited feels it would be very little cost savings actually cost more and you really need exceptional welders.


  10. Gail Allen August 17, 2022

    I am a real estate broker and investor.
    Does your company offer design services for 3rd party contracting?
    Your designs are truly amazing!
    Please forward any programs that you may have.
    Also, every week I air a real estate podcast- the emphasis is on alternative housing and finance.
    Do you have an interview that we may re-air?
    It should be about your work and creative approach to problem solving.

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