Amazing Catalonia Container House from Mexico

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Mexico.

Throughout these last years we have been encountering an enormous amount of circumstances that have disadvantaged our planet, climatic conditions and the environment, which is why in the construction industry there has been an interest in making ecological homes to prolong these aspects. As is the construction with containers.

  • The orientation and use of the sun
  • Control and use of the wind
  • Site
  • Bioclimatic design
  • Construction materials
  • Electric pollution management
  • Use of solar energy
  • Reuse of materials
  • Recycle

Our task as an architecture and construction office with containers is to commit ourselves to building with recycled materials such as marine containers, which is our specialty, transforming them and creating fully habitable spaces, as well as reusing and treating water in some projects, heaters and panels. solar etc.

In the coming year 2020, the trend in construction will be to use sustainable materials and techniques, this, given the environmental impact of climate change and the alarming consequences that are being seen in all parts of the world, such as: from floods to uncontrollable fires .

In 2020, more than new materials, recycled materials will be seen in buildings with new technologies, these applied to very common materials today in the construction of houses and buildings, such as concrete and wood.

Architecture with containers in Guadalajara, for more information contact us through website: Taufic GashaanFacebook


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