Amazing Interior My Box Container House

Hi everybody ?

We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from South Korea.

One of the beautiful works that South Korea offers to the container house market. We really appreciate the Koreans for their constructions using the shipping container. They continue to surprise us every day.

A different and warm-looking orange container house that we will show you today. We really liked this house.

My Box Container House

Ganghwado’s first container house production process in Korea.
Korea’s first container house geothermal boiler installation.

Memories in a special space, My Box Container House.
My Box is a privately owned pension that allows you to take up a large garden.
This clean white-toned room offers beautiful garden views.

In the evening, make your memories in the My Box with the stars that seem to pour into the sky, a spacious courtyard where you can feel the relaxation, and a relaxing space!

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