Architect Asghar Fathi is Built a Three-Bedroom Home for $250,000 from Eight Shipping Containers

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He says the house in Davie, Florida, will be resistant to earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and even termites.
Fathi, who designs futuristic homes, offices buildings, hotels, churches and museums says he was never able to convince a client to use the cargo boxes, so he’s making the home for himself.

A Florida man is building a three-story luxury home made completely out of shipping containers, and he says it’s just going to cost him $250,000.

Architect Asghar Fathi says he is using the cargo containers, which he purchased for $2,500 each, to show the steel boxes could be used to create ‘sustainable, economical’ housing that’s easy on the eye as well.

‘The inside will be insulated and dry-walled. When this is done, you’ll never know it was done with a container,’ Fathi told Local 10.

He says the 3,000-square-foot home in Davie will be hurricane-proof, earthquake-proof, fireproof, and even termite proof.

‘This is sustainable, economical and easy to put together if you have the right crew,’ the architect told Orlando Sentinel, noting he also planned to install impact windows.

There have been few issues in construction, but the architect says the project requires a talented and meticulous welder – something he was not able to find.

‘I’m dealing with some of the issues I had and fixing it as I go along,’ he said.

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In the future, Fathi wants to see the containers used widely to construct affordable houses. 

He says he is following famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who believed small homes should be affordable for everyone.

‘I am basically following his footsteps with a different material so people can have a home without spending millions and millions of dollars,’ he said.

‘With one third, you can have a home and be proud of it.’ 

Not only is Fathi’s home affordable, but there’s no shortage of luxury. 

In just a few months, when construction is finished and his family move in, they will be greeted by a three-bedroom home with an open deck, a living room, dining room and kitchen, a two-car carport and a studio. 

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