Benton Harbor’s First Container Home

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA.

“Vicki Franks, with her better half Shane, manufactured Benton Harbor’s first container home in 2015, a delightful space that will make us reexamine what’s conceivable in land.

The motivation to do this hit at the intersection of an excursion she took and the time the couple caught an unbelievably reasonable part in Benton Harbor. Vicki’s PK is sight to behold for configuration lover’s!”

These plastic cargo containers were bought on eBay and placed on our dining room table. Every time my husband, Shane, would walk by them, he’d stop and he put him in a different configuration.

Before building the container home, we travel to California, Colorado, in Las Vegas. Way found several homes and retail spaces made out of containers. Basically, we tried to figure out what not to dio the container with a clock on. It has an elevator in it. The found the O That’s the wrong slide. Go, Shane. Yeah, I know, right? Okay. Like kids in a candy store. We were pretty excited about building container home We went to shipyards in Chicago and made connections with people who are very helpful with all specs.

Source : Greenspan Construction

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