Container House in El Tiemblo – Spain

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Today we will show you the container house from Spain.

For this house, planned by James and Mau Arquitectura, a group of draftsmen spend significant time in container houses. Idea in this plan Focusing on the utilization of unused assets and reapplying them.

This two story container house comprises of four 40′ High Cube shipping containers collected fit as a fiddle structure. There are parlor, kitchen, restroom and territory for guests (with a little family room and two rooms for visitors) on the ground floor and study, washroom and main room on the subsequent floor.

The territory of the site is over a rise of 1,100 meters, so it is an infection place in winter and ecological biomass warming system is used for warming. The essential facade organized toward the south on the stunning points of view on the valley and near to mountain while tolerating direct light emissions sun in winter to warm the essential outside.

Two trees arranged near southern divider, so sun radiation is bit by bit devoured by the vegetation, which makes an outer green skin to shield the house from heat in summer. The relationship of doors and windows allows a resuscitating ordinary ventilation. The interior isolate zone is made of cellulose fiber security from reused newsprint and plug in specific spots. The house achieves a 70% (assessed by weight) of reused and reused fragments. Taps and sterile equipment have low water usage.

The advancement system takes a shot at a deliberate arrangement, with some prefab nuances to decrease transport costs and pollution on the spot. The confined structure proposes the full affirmation of the house fusing possible speedy and unsurprising space augmentation if the client needs change after some time.

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Architects: James & Mau
Area: 190.0 m2
Location: El Tiemblo, Spain
Budget: 140.000 €
Year: 2010
Builder: Infiniski
Building time: 6 months
Furniture / Decoration: Becara
Photos: Pablo Sarabia

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