Coco Cabana – The transformation of a shipping container into a stunning Vanuatu holiday home

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Vanuatu.

After visiting Vanuatu and falling in love with the beautiful island, Australian mum Jonica Bray came up with a novel way to create a holiday home there so she could split her time between both countries. She invested in land and a shipping container, and so “Coco Cabana” was born.

After purchasing the land it took around two months to settle and Jonica drew up plans “on a napkin at the gym”. Her builder then converted them into a basic digital drawing and the build got underway.

Jonica’s original budget was $30,000, but says after spending that amount the home still looked like an old shipping container – albeit one with a roof, plumbing and electricity.

Jonica now shares her beautiful home with guests through Airbnb for just $99 a night, and says visitor feedback has been really positive.

If you want to rent this amazing container house, you can reach the Airbnb page here.

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