Conversion of four Salvaged Shipping Containers into a Stylish Container Home

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Batemans Bay, Australia.

Today we’re going to show you a container house that is highly rated on social media and has been shared thousands of times. Contrary to the container house view, it was built on a very modest budget.

Simon and Elise Byrne built a house on the South Coast to the ethos of “less” and “simple”.

Wanting to get away from the stress of everyday life, the couple turned to Matt Elkan Architect to build an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable home.

In the construction of the container house in Batemans Bay, Australia, 3 x 20 ‘and 1 x 40’ HC shipping containers were used.

This container house is one of the best proofs that it is possible to build a wonderful and efficient house on a small budget.

The design of the house consists of four shipping containers connected under a flat roof. Containers are used as bedrooms, bathrooms and storage areas, and the space in between creates a spacious living space.

One of the biggest problems for homeowners was the insulation of the containers. Insulation to be made inside narrow containers would further reduce the usage area. Homeowners solved the problem by using three layers of insulation material, which makes the house look authentic from the outside. The natural wool used while insulating the containers provided high thermal performance.

This container house, which is about 1/3 cheaper compared to the prices of other new houses built by the architectural office, is (94 m2 + 40 m2) in size and has an area that can sleep up to 10 people.

  • Container Type : 3 x 20’ + 1 x 40’ Type 1A HC Containers
  • Country : Batemans Bay, Australia
  • Designer / Builder : Matt Elkan Architect, Luke Price Builder
  • Photography : Simon Whitbread
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Photo Sources : Living Big in a Tiny House@Lukepricetotalbuildingsolutions