Eco-Friendly Container Home – New Zealand

We all know what it means when it comes to “being green”, and this container home is a great example of it! Located in Auckland, New Zealand it has to be built with numerous restrictions designed to protect the environment, so an eco-friendly home with a small footprint was required. A certain IQ Container Home fit the description. Their 2015, 40’ “Tekapo” model offers a simple layout to enjoy and maximize all outdoor usage. Not only does it have a gorgeous view, once it is enclosed you can enjoy the outdoor area in all weather settings. Whether it be a quiet evening to yourself for a night entertaining guest, you are sure to enjoy everything it has to offer all while doubling your living space.

An additional 20’ “Waiheke” unit was attached perpendicular to the main unit. This unit can serve as an additional bedroom for guest you may have over and/or office space.

Due to the structural integrity of IQ container’s, timber pile foundations at the containers corners were all that was required. This alone minimized the cost and site disturbance. Along with the superior insulation and eco-friendly materials used in the construction of this container home, a 2kw solar system and rainwater recycling feature were included to minimize long term living cost, while also providing a warm and healthy home.

Build cost on this home in NZD is 122,000. That is approximately $84k in USD.

What you see may be small, but every square inch inside of the container is utilized for storage and other living requirements. This includes floor to ceiling mirrors on wardrobe doors, to a white interior to enhance the feeling of the space, a desk bed, a lift up storage bed, and a convertible couch with built-in storage and a murphy bed that folds over a couch.

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To top off the “green” feeling of this home there is a vegetable patch, fruit trees, and a vermiculture based waste system.

WIth all that this tiny home offers you would never guess that this home can also sleep seven people comfortably. Amazing right?!

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