Fascinating Looking $33,500 Shipping Container House

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Today we will show you container house from Priozersky, Russia.

In 2019, MSD started the construction of a country house made of shipping containers on the edge of Sukhodolskoye Lake.

In the construction of the single storey container house with an open terrace, 2 x 40 ‘shipping containers were used.

The total residential area of ​​the container house project “Sukhodolskoye Lake” is 50.49 m2.

The total area of ​​the house is 50.49 m2. Bedroom 1 – 7.15 m2, bedroom 2 – 5.40 m2, bedroom 3 – 6.7 m2, living room kitchen – 25 m2, corridor 2.2 m2, shared bathroom 2.64 m2, toilet 2.4 m2 and the Terrace is 30 m2.

The interior layout of the rooms: two bedrooms, a children’s room, a living room combined with a kitchen, an entrance hall, a shared bathroom, a toilet, a cellar.

MSD has completed the construction of the “Sukhodolskoye Lake” cottage, built using shipping containers in 2020.

The approximate cost of this wonderful house, which emerged with the transformation of shipping containers, is 33,500 USD.

We continue to see good projects from Russia. Container architecture continues to rise rapidly around the world.


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