Gilberto’s Container House – Brazil

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Today we will show you shipping container house from Brazil.

I love it when I get photos of people’s homes in Brazil. The last was from Gilberto Groth , who made his container house on BR 101, in Serra das Gracas, in the city of Anchieta / ES, which is about 25 km from Guarapari, along with his wife Adriana Machado Groth and stepson Gabriel Machado Sperb .

He needed to build a house very quickly – in 60 days – and the container was the most economical and fast system he could find.

It was he, with his family, who built the house in a rural area. Due to the location of the property, there were no major bureaucracies, as it did not pass any approval.

At a cost 40% lower than it would have spent on masonry, the house used  4 40-foot high cube dry containers , and only other materials were used in the bathrooms.

At the bottom the house was 12m x 10m and at the top 12m x 12m, as the containers were positioned with a gap between them.

According to Gilberto, everyone who visits the house is surprised by the result they have achieved, and everything came out as it was in their mind, even though they had not done any drawing on paper before.

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Source : Minha Casa Container