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He Wanted to Build an Unconventional House, the Result is a Wonderful Container House in New Zealand

Hi everybody ?

We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from New Zealand.

Engineer David Fitzmaurice and his wife Joyce Wee want to build an “unusual” house. While asking for this, they face economic problems and think about how to make a beautiful house with little money.

The solution they come up with is to purchase shipping containers of $ 3000 each and make them home.
However, this couple is learning how to design and build a house is not as simple as it seems when children are designing with Lego blocks.

When they start building the house, they realize that it’s not as easy as they think. The costs come into play here: they call on professionals to help; They decide to grow using 20 containers, not 16 containers; they need more structural steel than planned (extra $ 100,000); and then they change their mind about the insulated coating that covers the whole house.

This is good because storing containers was not the architecturally greatest plan. “Of course, you want to celebrate them,” says Moller.

But when you change your mind during a building, the costs go up. The decision to change the coating means that he redraws from designer James Kohler. This is not so simple. All doors and windows
details should be redesigned. And then they have to wait and wait for a new building approval.

There is also the cost of insulation developed by NASA for the space shuttle program. It is an intelligent polyurethane foam that expands and closes the inside of the containers. But they don’t have NASA’s budget.

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After a lot of additions, the cost of $ 450,000 almost doubled. After so much of their compensation, they look very happy in their own home.

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One Comment

  1. Jen June 4, 2023

    I love this couples ambition! I wish I could see the final of this home. What I saw at the end is gorgeous and seeing the kids bike and skate inside the way the parents dreamed was so touching. The color was gorgeous. And I envisioned beatiful landscaping. I like to watch this show but Ugg. The hosts on every single episode are so negative. I don’t mind watching shows that depict hard work. Or non realistic budgets but I have grown to hate every host on this show for not properly wording scripts. The writers of this show are horrible ppl to make hosts say the things they say. No other show about Reno’s or builds talk in such a way. And don’t tell me it makes drama for television. This form of tv drama is not appealing. I’m not watching the show to hear what awful negative things are said. I’m watching it to see the drive and ambition of the home owners. Seeing the build along the way. That IS the point of show. A homeowners dreams along with tears, hard work coming true. Every dream comes with hard work and downfalls along the way. Clearly the writers or hosts don’t know what it takes to build anything. The hosts negative script would make no difference in this shows popularity. In fact it’s those hosts scripts who ruin it. And to make fun of the Legos was distasteful. What I saw was “oh what a good idea and playing with kids while planning!” What do you think builders hundreds of years ago used? A computer draft program? Lmao. Great idea David and Joyce. Your home is beautiful. Gorgeous land and views. Your good people. I’m happy you did what you had to do you have the home you want. I would love to see the final. Hope all is well. Take care xo – as
    For most UK shows living in us. I watch them on my Roku. I like a lot of them but this one I want to change channel or quickly go by when I see it’s on. But have to see each build. As they are grand and unique. Stop the negativity!! There are better ways to word your distaste, spiteful or jealous scripts.

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