Modern and Sleek Home Made From Containers

Container houses, one of the most popular houses of recent times, continue to fascinate everyone. These houses, which have become popular in a short time, are offered to people comfortably and luxuriously.

Especially the luxurious appearance of container houses continues as one of the most important criteria of everyone. If you are looking for a special container house for yourself, how about choosing the perfect house that will appeal to you by determining your criteria?

Green Man Studios has offered its customers a charming house design with its comfort. Offering an excellent view with its interior design, this house is located at 129 Chickadee Ln, Blowing Rock. ( Realtor )

By getting to know this house, which was created with a professional design, you can start to examine the parts that appeal to you.

Photo : Ashe County Real Estate
  • The 1926 sqft container house designed by Green Man Studio sold for $285,900 in June 2020. The modernity of this durable and structurally sound house fascinates the eyes. The fact that the containers preferred in the construction of the house and the building materials used are robust provides you with a long-lasting house.
Photo : Ashe County Real Estate
  • Focused on an elegant design inside the house. There are 2 bedrooms, office, dining kitchen, 2 bathrooms, living rooms in the house. Presenting a large area to people in the house also reveals a fascinating view.


  • Stainless steel worktops and many advanced building materials, among the materials preferred in terms of design, also provide a different atmosphere in the house. In addition, the outbuilding area outside the house offers a large area for people to store their belongings.
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Photo : Ashe County Real Estate

Take a Look at the Amazing View of the Container House

  • The treehouse, fire area, and garden area located outside the house also reveal a successful appearance in terms of the exterior. Hobbies and open spaces where people can spend their free time are designed in the best way, making them very suitable for living comfortably.


  • There is a mini-compartment HVAC in the house to ensure energy efficiency. In this way, the efficiency in the house is focused on the best protection. In addition, the water heater in the house provides the hot water in the fastest way and uninterruptedly, it is aimed at increasing the comfort level of people.


  • A special design has been applied for lighting in the house. Lighting materials and floor designs that will make people feel peaceful in the house have a very important place. When you choose this house, you will be focused on spending time in your home peacefully and comfortably.


  • The fact that the house is located in a forest area offers people a quiet and calm life. If you want to get away from the city life and prefer a house to relax in, you can choose this house in the depths of the forest with refreshing air. This house, which will offer you a decent environment, will also provide you with comfort.
Photo : Ashe County Real Estate

Green Man Studio’s Success in Container House

Green Man Studios, which designed this perfectly designed container house, is making progress by building different container houses with its long years of experience. If you are looking for a container house for yourself, you can have an experience that you will not regret if you choose the container houses of a successful institution. There are many reasons for you to prefer the houses of this company, which offers container houses with a durable structure to people at affordable costs. You can make your choice by reading the advantages below:

  • Container houses offer a large area to people at affordable costs. It has many advantages with less cost than normal house structures. In particular, container houses are more convenient in terms of many costs such as monthly payment, electricity bills, compared to apartments or other houses. For those who do not want to live in luxury houses with many expenses, these houses where they can achieve the same quality will be more suitable.
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  • One of the best features of container houses is that they offer a calm and decent life in scenic locations. If you are a nature-dependent person and want to feel the peace of nature, you can have a relaxing life by choosing your container house in nature. These houses, which will take you away from the stress of city life, will offer you the life you want with their view.
Photo : Ashe County Real Estate

Things to Consider While Choosing Your Container House

As the container house grows in popularity, many opportunities and container house options are emerging. Due to the increasing number of container houses, people cannot decide which house to prefer. For this reason, if you want to choose the best container house for yourself, there are some criteria you should pay attention to. These criteria stand out as:

  • The interior design of the container house you can choose is very important. Details such as quality floors, walls, glass doors that can appeal to the sky will make your home look well-groomed and beautiful. For this reason, you should pay attention to the little details that can appeal to your eyes. If you want to create a different and cool ambiance in every room of your home, color transitions will be very important for you.


  • The space that your container house offers you is also very important. Ample space is very important for large families. Having large and refreshing rooms in the house will increase your quality of life. In addition, you should pay attention to the correct design of areas such as hobby areas, terraces, and gardens located outside the house. In this way, you can achieve the desired effect.
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If you are fascinated by the container house offered by Green Man Studio and you want to own this house or such a house, you can contact us. It will be enough to tell us all the details to create the property of your dreams. We will start working to offer you a comfortable low-cost home with convenient payment terms.