Liray House by ARQtainer – Chile

Description sent by the project team. 

The order is created by the need of the customer to build a house quickly, earthquake resistant and low cost, programmatically all set in 115 m2. Maritime containers are chosen because these inherently present all these characteristics, because they have a strong structure, already defined modular spaces and mainly constructive speed due to the fact that a large part of their execution was developed in a workshop, being transferred with a good percentage of advance to the site, reducing auditory pollution and the impact generated by a construction site.

The work was located on a plot of 6775 m2 and was located at its eastern end to maintain distance from the easement road and obtain views towards the Andes mountain range, rising 55 cm above the ground level to give it more height and separate it from the land. The lower space is used for installations.

Volumetrically it is defined by 5 two 40-foot containers that spatially house the private areas (bedrooms), plus three of 20 feet that contain the public spaces (living, dining room, kitchen) and the service areas, the articulation of these areas is made up of two spaces defined by attached structures, an access hall and a service patio, giving space and volumetric continuity to the house.

In order to respect the required square meters, the façade is set back in the bedroom area, adjusting it towards the corridor.

Taking advantage of the strong structure offered by the containers, a terrace was installed on the living and dining area to take advantage of the distant views and at the ends of the first level the pre-existing doors were used to structure the balconies.

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Regarding the subject of insulation, the perimeter and the sky were isolated with projected cellulose wool, which has good thermal and acoustic characteristics of high efficiency, also adding thermopanels and cross vents that control heat in summer.

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