Mar Abierto Container Apartments – Uruguay

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Uruguay.

The homeowners of the sea shore side Mar Abierto Container Apartments reached us through Instagram, and we were glad to flaunt their property to our perusers. That blue they picked is so lovely!

Mar Abierto Container Apartments Instagram

This is our first adventure of this style, to which we put a great deal of affection. We needed to demonstrate to ourselves that this kind of development was conceivable. We had just observed developments of this sort however we generally remained with the customary development that was the just one wherein we had understanding.

The choice of the containers as the premise of the endeavor was because of the effortlessness, speed, low costs, configurability, and manageability for the most part exhibited by the developments of this style without losing the solaces of a home. For the work power, artisans are supplanted by metal forgers, which is an incredible bit of leeway since it turns into a dry development with every one of the favorable circumstances it presents. For the development, 4 containers of 12mts (one for every loft) with 22mm thick melamine plate covers isolated by a 10cm air chamber and a layer of fiberglass, were intended to withstand the high summer temperatures.

Of its cross ventilation to guarantee its solace has a cooling unit. Liberal openings were utilized to value the ocean from every one of its surroundings notwithstanding giving light and ventilation. Around it and incorporating the outside, the floors were secured with eucalyptus wood deck, which outwardly and physically grows the spaces, encompassed by a pergola of woods matured by time, anticipating shadows of agreeable warmth while simultaneously.

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You can picture the ocean from any edge of it.

This blend of wood added to the cyan blue shade of the containers makes a striking spot in the zone and are picked quite a long time after year for an ever increasing number of travelers to remain since they have every one of the solaces of a 2 room condo, prepared as a house and winning in its interior enhancement recouped or reused materials.

The 4 containers were mounted on a great deal in probably the most elevated territory of Punta del Diablo, Uruguay. In a ton of 20 x 30 meters, this property covers somewhat more than 120mts2 secured and 100mts2 of decks. Every 2-room condo has 30mts2 secured and 20mts2 of individual decks galleries all with magnificent perspectives to the ocean, at the base of the land was accessible a grill worked with recouped cobblestones and tables made of link reels.

Knowing ahead of time that we were managing metal in most of the venture were utilized notwithstanding the insurances that previously came, great polyurethane paints to shield them from the extreme ocean atmosphere, so far they have just gone through 5 years and have far surpassed our assumptions about preservation.

The condos likewise include:

  • Cooling hot/cold
  • Television with directv
  • Wifi
  • Consumable drinking water
  • Icebox, microwave, stove, toaster and electric pot, hair dryer
  • all the fundamental kitchen components for 4 individuals
  • Parking area
  • Astounding perspective to the ocean in all units


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