Massive 6 Unit Shipping Container Home

Are you a fan of container homes located in quiet locations? Then you will be amazed by the Massive 6 Unit Container House, which is the closest to the city center of Millersburg, which is in the perfect location for you.

You may want to have a luxurious experience by getting to know this container house, which offers you spaciousness and spaciousness with its 1600 square foot area. Therefore, be ready to get to know this house, where you will be intertwined with nature.

If you want to create a good holiday environment for yourself, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with this property waiting for you at affordable prices.

Below are the details about the container house. You can also rent and own this container house by paying $289 per night. Click here for the Airbnb rental process of Keith, the host who will make your rental. You can also reach them on Instagram. @woodside_container

  • Massive 6 Unit Shipping container house is located in a forest intertwined with nature. Especially since there are no houses around, it offers a peaceful environment for people to relax. If you are looking for a place where you will feel comfortable and spend a quiet time with your loved ones, you will see that it will be a suitable place for you.


  • A container house is a 2-minute drive from Rhodes and a 5-minute drive from Jitters Coffe House. You can easily meet your needs from these places. You can also do your shopping easy and get away from the crowd of the city and focus on nature.
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  • The container house is designed to have 2 floors. In particular, one of the two bedrooms in it is known as the master bedroom. Located on the upper floor, this master bedroom offers you a refreshing space with its large area and opportunities such as television and a living room. The other bedroom also attracts attention with its view by offering you a double bed.

  • There are two bathrooms in the house. The bathrooms on the main floor and upstairs contain many items and areas such as a make-up table, toilet, and bathtub. You will be satisfied with these fully-equipped areas.

  • The kitchen, furnished with the latest model items in the house, also offers the luxury quality that will please you. Your satisfaction is ensured in the best way with the microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, kitchenware, blender, pots and pans, coffee filters, and many other items in it.


  • There is also a living room and a dining room for people to spend their time comfortably in the house. A large area in the living room is offered to the guests against the view. Thanks to the television and comfortable seating in the house, it is ensured that people are satisfied with an experience. In the dining room, the area is also provided for you to create a beautiful table with your family and loved ones against the view in the best way possible.

  • Apart from the luxurious design of your home, it looks interesting in the open spaces outside. Especially a grill outside and patio chairs on the terrace are one of the best places for you to watch the open space and integrate with the view.
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Apart from the above-mentioned features of the container house, its exterior design is quite luxurious and of high quality. This tiny house, in which black and wood tones are preferred, has a modernity that attracts people’s attention. By staying in this house, you will live in a place that both appeals to your eyes and brings quality to your life. That’s why you can start researching to have your own container house with all the features of this house.

What are the Advantages of Being a Container Home Owner?

Container houses are known as one of the most preferred properties of people lately. There are many reasons why people prefer these container houses. By getting to know the advantages of container houses, you can decide why you should prefer these houses. Here are the details below:

  • Container houses will be much more convenient and economical than many houses. If you want to build a house of your own instead of renting a container house, a professional institution can provide a design worth 10,000 dollars for you. By having the smallest container house at these prices, you will be able to live luxuriously and economically.


  • Special design plans can be made for container houses. The planning of the container houses is done in the best way and the interior design is given great importance. In this way, you can prefer these places instead of living in areas such as apartments that you will buy in the city, instead of living in a way that will not appeal to your eyes.
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  • Another benefit of the tiny house is that it will be a very good escape point for people who want to get away from the city. Some container houses will be transported against desired landscapes thanks to their portability. In this way, you can continue your life as a property owner against the landscape and nature you want.


  • Thanks to the strong insulation methods preferred in container houses and the materials used, the structures are ensured to be in the best possible way. It is ensured that people stay in a safe place that is airtight and will provide them with a comfortable environment. In addition, these houses show the best resistance to weather conditions.

Do you want to have a Massive 6 Unit Shipping Container house style prefabricated house as we mentioned in our article? If your answer is yes, we recommend that you contact us. When you contact us, our team members waiting for you will aim to build professional properties with the best durability for you. In this way, you can spend your life in the best way in your prefabricated houses, where you can have an experience that you will not regret.