Meet Matt and Paiton, Who Build Their Own Container Homes!

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from USA.

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Instagram : @mattandpaiton – Youtube : MatthewStapleton

Description from Matt and Paiton

We have been building our container home for about 9 months now. It is sitting on a 5 acre lot in Washington state over looking a river. Myself and my partner paiton started this project as a way to get into our own place while we save to build a family sized house… (could possibly be out of shipping containers as well) once we move out of this container it will be offered on a night to night basis on Airbnb.

The project has been very unique as we both have very little building experience (we are both 23 years old) but it has been an absolute blast to work from this location on something we have been dreaming about for years.
Before we got into containers we were still involved with the tiny house community. We traveled around in an old converted school bus and I lived out of that for about a year off the grid.

The build:

It is a 45 foot high cube with tongue and groove walls that smell amazing. We insulated our container with spray foam and used R-13 fiber glass over the top of that. We cut in two sliders and a window with stunning views of the river. We have a 40 foot deck off the front facing the river and a lean-to off the back that will eventually become and inclosed garage… we have 1500 gallons of water on hand and will have the house hooked up to rain water catchment and well water. It has a gravity septic system. And is connected to a 200 amp electric service.
It is located in the mountains as well so for heat we use electric wall heaters along with a cubic mini wood stove in case we ever lose power. We have two outdoor cats named “Tiny” and “Box” that help watch over the container as well.

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Like I said above the lean-to will be closed in for a work shop space, the roof will be closed with tongue and groove that match the inside and we will seal it, I am also in the planning stages of a DIY wood fired hot tub that I want to have the feel of a natural hot spring over looking the river and mountain scene
This is our primary Instagram where people can follow @mattandpaiton

And we have a YouTube channel @MatthewStapleton

We create build vlogs and are now beginning the process of creating van life vlogs as well as we drive a 1987 VW vanagon.

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