Meet Yamil Matilla and her Fiancé Who Built a Container House From Scratch – Argentina

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Argentina.

In 2013, Yamil Matilla and his fiancée put all their DIY and technical knowledge to the test by building their own shipping container living space from scratch.

Description from Yamil Matilla

Brief review: my girlfriend is a Geophysics student and I am an Electromechanical Engineer, both with zero knowledge of construction, masonry, plumbing, metallurgy, gardening, carpentry, plasterwork, etc. However, for pleasure and another little by necessity we embark on the great adventure of building our own home from scratch, with most of the furniture included.

In all cases we have used medium quality materials and homemade and improvised methods always with the premise of lowering costs.
At the end we realized that many things we could have done better, so we learned a lot about it. We are not experts in how things should be done, but in how they should not be done.

What we have achieved is a great pride for us, and we have enjoyed our own home every day for more than 2 years.

Together with my girlfriend we are totally open to answer questions and collaborate selflessly with advice with those who want to undertake something similar.

Below is a “summary” (to summarize are many photos) of photos that show the process. I hope you like it and comment.

The couple, who reside in San Juan, Argentina, spent a year laboring over every single detail of their dream abode. It was no easy feat, and they were learning new things as they went – but, in the end, their remarkable journey was worth it. So much so, that a single blog post about their project has gained a fair amount of traction among the Latin American tiny living community.

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