Nashare Container Hotel – China

Today’s feature on The Casa Club is a hotel taking a different approach on container usage. The architects at C+ Architects and designers at Naza design studio, created the perfect getaway for those waiting to stay in luxury in the mountains. Located in Xiamen, Fujian, China with a total of 517.0 sqm, The Nashare Hotel was built in 2016.

With stunning views of the sea from the forest, Nashare Hotel is in a forest beside Huandao south road in Xiamen of China. It is facing Taiwan Canal by the most popular Huandao Road beach and just ten minute drive from the attractive cultural town – Zengcuoan. The hotel is built in a tranquil space consisting of acacias, pines and natural stones far away from the city. It’s an ideal hidden world for relaxation.

Nashare, related to “Naza Hotel” design series, has only 12 rooms and the vast majority of which are independent units. Every unit has a separated entrance and courtyard to ensure quiet and private home spatial experience. In addition, the magnificent ocean and forest could be seen from all rooms.

The relationship between the nature and design is achieved by elaborate design control in cooperation with environment. Creating an appropriate space to engage with nature is the main idea of Nashare. The house is the space carrier; therefore, “Invisible container” is the design concept.

There are two room types. One is renovating the existing space, including container refurbishment. Another is placing the container on the hill after renovation. The rocks and trees create a great view for all rooms. Furthermore, the renovation and placement of containers are environment-friendly. In terms of the landscape, keeping an original status is achieved by reducing artificial elements and blurring the boundary between the architecture and surroundings.

Dotted single unit congregates on site as a cluster, and each of them could completely engage with nature. Due to the level change, every unit has different height. Consequently, it looks like a vertical cluster. Although the house is separated from each other, they are connected by the path and views. Architecture as an “invisible container” is to emphasize the experience of nature.

Exposed facade is painted in dark gray to merge into the shadow. In comparison of exterior gray, the interior warm wood color could reflect soft light to create a relaxing atmosphere especially at night. The design from space to furnishings is plain and unvarnished.

The purity of environment provides an opportunity to present the design and art in Nashare. The hotel collaborates with designers, artists to provide a space for creation, displaying and communication. The space could host painting and photograph exhibitions and salons to combine relaxation and meditation in such a natural environment.

So what do you think? Would you live here? 

Information Source: ArchDailyTheCasaClub

Photo Source: ArchDaily