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The best living spaces offset quality with common light, and they give developers, planners, and occupants, the adaptability to shape the space’s tasteful. Mod Container‘s Mod 1.40 is an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) with the solidness of a steel container, and it coordinates with the open air space through its 12’x8’ accordion entryways.

With a 8’x40′ floor plan and a liberal 9’6″ tallness, the Mod 1.40 is an ideal structure for a visitor house, pool house, office, or current minimalistic living space – with all electrical and plumbing segments introduced. It very well may be welded onto a lasting establishment.

The powder-covered steel dividers are rust-and heat proof. Its 320 square feet incorporate a restroom with shower, kitchen, family room, and room; the look and feel of each room is adjustable. Atmosphere is constrained by the in-divider split-framework warming/AC unit. There’s the choice of a 16’x12′ deck.

Present day alternatives are as cash sparing as they are eco-accommodating: photovoltaic boards fit impeccably onto the ADU’s rooftop, and a side-mounted breeze turbine is accessible.

The ADU can be intended to interface. Every container can join to another, so the space and highlights are duplicated. A definitive shape and utility of each multi-container configuration is restricted uniquely by your creative mind.


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