Red Coated Shipping Container House from Spain

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Spain.

In Spain, the construction of houses with merchandise containers is light years away from the projects of our European neighbors, despite their lower cost and modular flexibility with respect to brick architecture.

Fed up with this situation, Contains a House, a team formed by Manel Morón, publicist, and Pol Bofill, “handyman” and former car tester, has decided to take the tools themselves and build their own house at 40 percent less than the price of market.

Inspired by the modular architectures that reuse the freight containers, such as the Container City of London or the Keetwonen district of Amsterdam, the house consists of a two-level structure made of five sea containers superimposed perpendicularly.

The ground floor includes a dining room, a living room, a kitchen, a room with bathroom and a small dressing room, in addition to a garage of 16 square meters. The second floor adds two bedrooms with bathroom and another dressing room. The total reaches 156 square meters.

The containers have been conditioned for their habilitation, ventilation and temperature conservation: the walls, floor and ceiling are covered by a 4 cm layer of polyester and laminated plaster on the inside. The partitions, also constructed of laminated plaster, have been painted plaster walls with plastic color and covered with several sealing layers.

The roof has also been insulated and waterproofed with a gravel finish. The house is provided with a rainwater collection system and a thermal heater powered by solar energy.

Sustainability and energy savings are part of the backbone of the project: the construction of the house minimizes waste and requires only 60 liters of water.

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The project of Contains a House vindicates the philosophy of the do-it-yourself, and with an approximate term of six months allows to pass from the project to its materialization.

In addition, the price of the square meter is reduced to 795 euros.

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