Shipping Containers Convert into Super Luxury Container Home (Aprox. $300.000 )

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Cape Town, South Africa.

A unique property made entirely of shipping containers on Cape Town’s Southern Peninsula.

The homeowners have done extensive research on container home-made, both in SA and internationally, and said that the house meets all standards and fully complies with the specified criteria.

Initially, the first problems began to emerge, with irregular levels of terrain and rocky ledges. However, for owners who never gave up their vision, these problems would be an integral part of the design.

The seven shipping containers were welded together to form an elevated, double-volume structure with 180-degree sea and mountain views.

Shipping containers are now considered to be a durable building material and are considered equal to long-lasting bricks.

The aim of the project was to create a house that is not only environmentally conscious but also consciously reproduced and renovated.

The smart use of recycled materials means that the house radiates a simple sense of luxury.

Three of the four bedrooms upstairs have a magnificent panoramic sea and mountain view.

The upturned staircase houses a huge mountain stone that forms an unobtrusive part of the interior decoration.
Foldable glass doors provide a seamless flow from outside to the main living area. A local garden complements the symbiosis between the habitat and the surrounding landscape.

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The fact that the house is so close to the beach means that the music of the ocean – whether the waves collapse or the hypnotic sound of whales breathing during the birth season – is the music of this coastal ship.

Also, there is no need for traffic calls or parking calls, especially during the season when the beach is full of visitors.

Finally, if we make a brief evaluation, the items used in the interior of the house and the workmanship are very high quality.

What we notice most at home is the protection of natural stone in some parts of the house. This is truly incredible. As you climb up the stairs, you get support from a natural stone. This is really a situation you can’t see everywhere. We don’t know about you, but we love this situation.

Stone stairs and engravings on the outside of the house are in a perfect harmony.

I will not finish the subject without mentioning its magnificent view that will drive you crazy.

How pleasant would it be to rest in the beautiful view that feels above the sea, right?

The cost of this wonderful house is R$ 5.2 million ( aprox. 300,000 USD )

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Image Credit : Ccullinan Photography

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