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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from France.

Located in Meuse, France, this shipping container home is a modern shelter for a writer/artist who sculpts wood and metal. After years of traveling, the owner wanted a place that was inspired by all of the elements that have influenced her life and work.

The 1,184-square-foot French countryside home, designed by Spray Architecture and Gabrielle Vella-Boucaud, was built on a serene hillside. It was dubbed Un Dernier Voyage — “a final journey” in French.

A shipping container home isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the French countryside, but an artistic soul finds liberty in different aspects of design. Its interiors boast a flexible floor plan and invite natural light deep inside.

The bedrooms, in the middle of the home, overlook the rural landscape. Sculptures decorate the home inside and out. Two terraces, one covered, offer a variety of outdoor possibilities. A separate shipping container acts as the artist’s workshop.

Artists from all over the world come to rural France to find inspiration. Contemporary works of art are scattered in the woods around the small village of Meuse. At the edge of this village where art and nature coexist, this artist’s home interrupts the scenery with its dark mass.

The designers say that Un Dernier Voyage “echoes the long travels made by the containers given up by shipping companies.” We say that sounds like a pretty good place to end up. [Photos by Jelena Stajic; illustrations by Thibaut Rassat]

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