Stylish Container House with the Combination of White and Wood from Texas

Hi everybody

Today we will show you container house from Keller, Texas, USA.

I have said it many times before, but I want to say it again. It is entirely up to your imagination to create a house with a standard container that has the same dimensions, shape, structure and many features.

This house in Keller, Texas, which we will show you today, shows us how a visual feast can be made with a single container.

The location of the container house is in a quiet area in the middle of the suburbs and the surrounding big cities. A recycled shipping container was used in the construction of the 350 sq ft container house.

Be one of the first to relax on the roof deck (complete with fire pit), soak in the luxurious freestanding tub, hug our velvet blue sofa, or sip coffee from our property-facing kitchen bar table!

When we look at the house from outside, we see the perfect harmony of the simplicity of white and wood. The glass cut at an angle adds a distinct beauty to the house.

The interior decoration of the house is simple but stylish like the exterior. A useful table is placed inside the window where you can look outside while eating. We can say that the house has all the features that a container house should have, and even more.

We are sure that you will relieve your tiredness while sitting on the roof facing the view.

If you want to stay in this container house, you can reach the Airbnb page here.

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