Successful Home Conversion of Shipping Containers in the Czech Republic

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Slapy, Prague, Czech Republic.

Container houses raise many questions. Better than answering these questions would be to show you practically everything in a post.
Our today’s container house stands in a beautiful setting near Slapy, Prague, surrounded by silence and forest.

The couple chose the container house because of its ecological tone and environmental friendliness. Instead of promoting the overproduction of new building material (which is beginning to run out), they have taken care of using existing units.
They did not dare to implement it themselves, so they wanted a company that no longer exists today.

The whole project was created by an architect consisting of 5 containers adapted to the rectangular floor plan of the bungalow type – ie only on the ground floor.
The containers were placed on a heat-insulated and hydro-insulated baseplate. They chose blowing foam for internal insulation.
Then they chose polystyrene for external insulation. The roof has a classic hipped container house, so it fits seamlessly into existing buildings.

The interior and layout fit the needs of a family of three, with a large living room with open kitchen, bedroom, children’s and guest room, bathroom with toilet and utility room.
In addition to the large number of windows, the glass side wall that opens onto the terrace makes the house more bright. The container house also has breathtaking views of the countryside.
While staying inside, you don’t realize you are in a container building – the walls are insulated and plastered from the inside. Only a specialist will notice the connecting false beam at the anchorage point of the containers.

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Unfortunately, the container wall does not appear anywhere in the whole house.

A common concern for people who think about container architecture is the assumption that living in a metal apartment will be uncomfortable and cramped.
No, that is not the case. The benefits of living in a container will certainly convince you. This container house is a stone’s throw for Prague as it is located next to the Slapy dam.

Heating is solved by underfloor heating. Half of the container creates a covered terrace, adding spaciousness to the bungalow and pleasantly breaking the monotony of the almost square floor plan.
Thanks to the overlapping of the container ceiling, the space is closed and it becomes habitable even in bad weather.

We can say that this beautiful house, which emerged with the recycling of shipping containers, is really successful.

Project Details : For more information about the project, you can visit the manufacturer’s page. Kontejnerove Domy


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