Templer Park Rainforest Retreat Container – Malaysia

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Today’s container hotel is from Malaysia.

The Retreat is located on a ridge of a rambling place where there is around 3 sections of land. Two houses are situated inside Villa and Container. The houses are found 60m separated from one another, protected by trees and bushes for privacy.​

Upon appearance you would feel as though you have gone to a remote zone, encompassed with 360° perspectives on the Kanching Rainforest Reserve, however just a short distance from the solid wilderness, arranged an insignificant brief drive away from the focal point of Kuala Lumpur.

Getaway from the hustle and clamor of city life here. The peaceful and serene indigenous habitat permits each visitor to chill, unwind, destress and restore.

The Retreat is private access, in a gated and protected network. Sufficient vehicle parking spots are accessible. There are seeing decks with beautiful perspectives disregarding mountains (Bukit Takun/Anak Bukit Takun), a lake and green.

There is an interminability pool (1.2m profound) for swimming with fly spa + sprinkle pool (600mm profound) and an open air sauna for visitors use. Bar-b-que and charcoal + firestarters, steamer pots, gas oven and other kitchen apparatuses are accommodated your cooking needs. We are additionally in closeness to eating places and Tesco is just 8 minutes drive away.

Your ‘neighbors’ incorporate saucy monkeys, screen reptiles, squirrels, tropical brilliant feathered creatures, wild fowl, enormous butterflies, dragonflies, bats, fireflies. They may sometimes visit during your stay at the retreat.

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