The Beautiful Story of Natalí and Fábio’s Container House – Brazil

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Brazil.

Natalí is married to Fabio and in December 2013 found out she was pregnant. At the time they lived in a one-bedroom apartment, so relocating for the next baby was one of their first ideas.

As Natalí’s parents live in a place in Barão Geraldo (district of Campinas – SP), they gave way to the now growing family to build a house. But they, like most of us, did not have enough money for an expensive home. It was then that they began researching the cheapest, fastest and most sustainable building methods, finally coming to the container houses, which delighted them most.

They had no familiarity with this type of construction, so they decided to do the obvious thing: find a company that could do the project.

Natalí and Fábio bought 4 40ft HC containers (High Cube – 12 x 2.50 x 2.90 approximately) from a staff of Paulínia (neighboring city), who intended to build a container hotel but was not approved City Hall (always the public agencies prohibiting what they do not know). For this reason they were getting rid of the material.

A friendly architect did a preliminary study of the project – it’s not just piling up, see people? – and they3 leaned on him to make the changes they wanted. Little by little, they were learning from hits and misses, realizing that the method is easier than it really seems – at least for what they imagined.

The couple’s conclusion is that the work is much cleaner and faster than a masonry work. They were very happy with the final and financial result as they found it possible to save around 30% compared to the traditional method, even considering that they covered the whole house with thermo-acoustic tiles and covered all the walls with rock wool. and drywall.

The total built area was 215 square meters . With some downtime due to labor, the work took 8 months to complete , but the correct time would be about 6 months.

They even made a rainwater catchment system to wash the porch, the kennel and water the garden.

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During the work, as is often the case with different buildings, people found it all crazy and few supported them. Today, however, every visitor is impressed with the final finish (inside is not imagined to be in a container) and the idea is increasingly well accepted.

The internal temperature was quite pleasant, with air conditioning being an optional and not necessary item.

Agree with me that the house is sensational, but the story of Natalí and Fábio is even more beautiful?

I just have to thank them for sharing with us such important and difficult times they have gone through, wishing that from now on only joys surround them, plus a baby to occupy every bit of this house with so much history.

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