The BoHo Box Hop Container House

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Today we will show you container house on today’s tour is from Rockbridge, Ohio, USA.

Welcome to the newest Box Hop, The BoHo Box Hop!

Boho Box, in which two shipping containers (20 ft and 40 ft) were used in the construction, blended the modern container architecture with the small house concept, and this wonderful container house emerged.

One of the best shipping container houses built in recent years. It is a perfect house with its white color, environment and interior decoration.

‘After building the 3-room The OG Box Hop, we had to challenge ourselves and achieve something completely unique.’ says Emily & Seth. We congratulate them on this because the two container houses the two built are truly magnificent.

The Boho Box Hop is the newest design from the builders / owners of The Box Hop!

When we look at Boho from the outside, we can see the plain entrance, 3 small windows cut in different sizes and the harmony of the cedar covering that usually covers the roof. The harmony of the white color of the house and the cedar coating makes it look simple but at the same time very elegant.

No detail was spared in the interior and exterior design of the house.

When you enter the Boho Box, you are faced with a small sitting corner with a small Morso wood stove. To add dimension to the space, the kitchen floor is extended below the stove.

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A smaller and totally extraordinary container house with a Clawfoot bathtub, large aft deck, 6-seater whirlpool and three viewing windows!

BoHo Box was prepared for your quiet escape.

The container house can be rented through AirBNB for $235 per night. Book your trip now on AirBNB.

If you want to get more detailed information or make a reservation about this house built by Emily & Seth, you can find it here.


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