The Container Home in the Woods

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from USA.

Experimenting With Unexpected Materials

Inspired by the repurposing of shipping containers in other countries, we began this project as a purely creative pursuit to discover, experiment and learn. Our goal was to uncover a way to rethink a material as rigidly geometric and industrial as shipping containers into a luxurious cottage home and guest house nestled in the woods.

Industrial Meets Natural

The overall concept was to maintain a connection with nature in every corner of the home, so wherever possible we opened up the containers for open space and views of the surrounding woods. The dining room’s three-sided windows give the feeling of being perched in the trees.

Defined Spaces

Custom cabinetry and a delicate but impactful light fixture define the kitchen space within the open concept floor plan. We incorporated cut-away pieces from the containers into the space to tie in the original material and inspiration.

Creating Luxury and Warmth

In the master bedroom, wood floors wrap up the wall and across the ceiling to carry the feeling of outdoorsy comfort. One-of-a-kind light fixtures and furnishings throughout the home bring an added element of luxury to each space.

Changing the Language of Home Building

Our container home project fulfilled our passion for embracing the unexpected and starting a conversation about what design can mean. Throughout the process, we were thrilled with the support from the community, with onlookers stopping to watch our container home come to life.

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