The Executive Container Home – Australia

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Australia.

We are back with a great container house from Australia. The container house produced by the Container Build Group is liked by all audiences.

The Executive container home has been designed to cater for knowledgeable working couple or a mum and pop looking to down size in any case the youngsters have moved on our out, but at an equivalent time keeping a high level of living standard and a la mode .

Built from four 20FT high cube containers, masterfully designed to require all the benefits of each sq in that comes with utilising the container strengths. Allowing us to maximise and to urge additional spaces like roof top tiled terrace and under cover car parking.

The entire build is pre-built in our factory and easily bolted together in days.

This is an exceptional home with many custom internal and external layout variations to figure within your budget and specifications.

This is a 1 of a sort home with many additional features to make a high level and price effective living option.

You can ask your price and other questions about the building to Container Build Group.

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