Transformation of Shipping Containers into the Excellent Villa from Bali

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Today we will show you container house from Bali, Indonesia.

Today, we will show you a container house on the island of Bali, Indonesia, which we rarely share.
This project, called Villa Mola, was brought to life by an Italian and a French designer named Giorgio and François.

The designers who embraced recycling decided to use containers to build the house. The duo, who previously gained experience in short-term rental business in the Philippines, realized the tourism potential of Bali and decided to invest in this island.

He liked the idea of ​​recycling and saving time and money, and he opted for container architecture. While making this decision, he contributed to the documentaries he watched on YouTube and TV.

When Giorgio and François started building their container house, they faced many difficulties. Some of those; Many difficulties were encountered, such as the difficult transportation of the containers to the area where the house will be built and the contractor who will realize the project being fraudulent.

Through YouTube and other sources, the duo learned many tips about the mistakes that should not be made when building the container house, such as insulation, strengthening the structure, and preparing the containers (sanding, anti-corrosion paint, etc.).

Container villas are built on two floors. A 2×20 FT shipping container was used on the ground floor of the building and a 2x40FT high cube shipping container was used on the upper floor. In this way, a total of 120 m2 (1300 SF) sitting area was obtained. There are two bedrooms on the upper floor of the buildings with their own bathrooms.

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Let’s talk a little bit about the cost of the building …

The entire project (two villas) cost around $270,000.

Land: $90,000
Building permit: $10,000
Containers: $18,000 (approximately $1,700 for 20ft and $2600 for 40ft HC)
Pools: $12,000 (2 pools 3x6m)
Furniture: $20,000
$5,000 for a 12 cubic meter (about 3000 gallons) underground water tank
External walls: $3,000
Contractor services and supplies: $91,000
Windows: $9,000
Miscellaneous: $12,000

If we do not calculate the cost of land, pools and furniture and only calculate the cost of building houses, the total amount for 2 villas would be $148,000 or $74,000 for a single container villa.

If you want to have a pleasant time in Bali’s magnificent atmosphere, you can book Villa Mola via AirBNB here.
Rooms start at $200 per night.

If you want to get more detailed information about the project, you can reach the project owners via the links below.

Property WebsiteAirbnb - Facebook - Instagram


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