Transforming 10 Shipping Containers into a Million Dollar Home

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from 6 Joseph Court, Kennett River, Australia.

We get really excited whenever we share a project from Australia. We have shared and continue to share hundreds of projects made with shipping containers around the world. Australia has a very important place for us. Because the vast majority of container houses in Australia have visually very high quality designs. Congratulations to Australians for their great vision and for using recycled shipping.

Today we’re going to show you a house made using 10 shipping containers in Australia’s 6 Joseph Court, Kennett River area. An 8x40FT shipping container was used in the main house construction. The other two containers were used for the garage and entrance lobby.

Sam Clarke, his brother Rob, father Murray and their friend Hugh OBrien completed the construction of the container house in a year.

He bought the block in 2015 for $ 265,000, and completed the build in January 2017.

The 980 square meter container house, built by Embodied Energy Construction, has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.
The list price of the house, which was completed in 2017, is set at $1,375M.

The container house has a magnificent ocean and forest view. Almost the entire house is off the grid, except electricity, as it uses rainwater, solar power and its own septic tank system.
It is possible to see the perfect harmony of three basic components: wood, steel and glass in this house.

The container house has 4 bedrooms. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the house have made the interior spacious and bright, with the flow of natural light transmitted to the rooms.

The very best appointments from electric atrium windows, powder room, study nook, cinema room, solar power system, hydronic heating, European hardware, vintec wine fridge, dekton large format ceramics, natural marble to bathrooms, beautiful timber flooring and a double lock up garage compliment this coveted, once in a lifetime beachfront address with the water, Kennett River and National Park walking trails all at your doorstep.

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Convenient in lifting, fixing and compounding, Container Homes are gaining considerable traction around the world. Container homes are considered as eco-friendly houses and buildings based on non-polluting materials. In recent past, a significant rise in demand for affordable housing structures has been witnessed. Utilization of used shipping containers to build prefabricated construction is an ongoing trend witnessed in the global construction industry.

Modular Buildings are slowly getting a hand on with many builders and construction companies in developing nations. The concept has already gained popularity in developed nations.

According to a survey, home owners consider prefabricated container homes as trustworthy and a practical and sensible way of building. Cost is also considered to be beneficiary factor prevailing the growth of container homes market. Container homes are considered to be 20X cheaper in maintenance than concrete and 55% stronger than wood buildings.


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