Two-Story Container Home (with Plan) Built with Three Shipping Containers

In the realm of unique vacation stays, we’ve stumbled upon a gem that’s redefining the traditional getaway experience. Today, let’s explore a striking container house that’s making waves on Airbnb for its distinctive blend of industrial charm and contemporary design.

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The Crate Escape: Your South Dakota Haven

Let’s zoom in on a specific example that epitomizes the allure of container homes: the Crate Escape in Lead, South Dakota. Crafted by TV personality Cappie, this brand-new abode constructed from repurposed shipping containers offers a serene retreat at Terry Peak. Far from the crowds yet close to the action, it’s a place where you can revel in the Black Hills’ solitude and rejuvenate in a dry sauna.

A Fusion of Concrete and Steel

This isn’t your ordinary home. It’s a bold statement of architecture, where three 40 ft shipping containers rest upon a robust ground floor made of concrete walls. The stark contrast between the raw concrete base and the corrugated metal of the containers above creates a visual narrative that’s both grounded and innovative. The house celebrates its dual identity, showcasing elements of classic structures while embracing its container roots.

Key Features:

  • Location: Nestled among the trees in Lead, South Dakota, offering a serene and natural setting.
  • Design: Combines concrete walls on the ground floor with three 40 ft shipping containers on the first floor, maintaining their original appearance.
  • Roof Structure: Elevated at the back for air balance and snow prevention.
  • Veranda: An open veranda at the back, thanks to the land’s elevation difference.
  • Interior: A modern design with a black and white color scheme, complemented by wooden details and matching furniture.
  • Ventilation: Professionally installed system on the ground floor for optimal air quality.
  • Capacity: Accommodates 6 guests with 3 bedrooms, 3 beds, and 2 baths.
  • Additional Features: Includes a dry sauna for relaxation.

A Thoughtful Design Touch: The Elevated Roof

Architectural ingenuity doesn’t stop at aesthetics. The rear of the house features a cleverly raised roof, serving a dual purpose: promoting efficient air circulation within and acting as a guardian against the snow, preventing accumulation during the frosty winter months.

The Back Veranda: A Serene Escape

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Nestled amidst a sloping terrain, the house boasts an open veranda at the back, emerging as a tranquil spot to connect with nature. It’s a testament to the thoughtful design that takes advantage of the land’s natural topography, offering a secluded area to unwind and soak in the surroundings.

Inside: A Modern Sanctuary

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Step inside, and you’re greeted by a modern interior that exudes sophistication. The stark contrast of white and black is softened by wooden accents and matching furniture, creating a space that’s both chic and welcoming. It’s a design that doesn’t just look good but feels good, too.

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Descending to the ground floor, the monochromatic theme continues, punctuated by an impressive ventilation system. It’s not just about style; it’s about substance, ensuring that the fresh outdoor air is as much a part of the home as its physical structure.

Embraced by Nature

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Positioned among the trees, the location of this container house is nothing short of perfect for those seeking a breath of fresh air. It’s a sanctuary where the rustling leaves and the whispers of the forest are your closest neighbors.

A New Era for Airbnb Rentals

The popularity of shipping container homes as Airbnb rentals is soaring, and for good reason. Their quick construction time and unique appeal make them an attractive choice for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.

Guest-Approved and Loved

This home isn’t just another listing; it’s a guest favorite, boasting a stellar 4.88 out of 5-star rating. With space to accommodate 6 guests across 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, it’s an ideal escape for families or groups seeking a unique stay. And at $204 per night, it’s an experience that promises to be unforgettable.

Container Home Listed at $850K

Listed at $850K, it offers an unparalleled opportunity to own a home that is both a design masterpiece and a testament to sustainable building practices. Realtor

Parting Thoughts

As we wrap up our virtual tour, we pose a question to you: If you were to build a house, would you consider using shipping containers? The Crate Escape stands as a testament to the potential of such structures, offering a blend of functionality, style, and a connection to the natural world.

Photo courtesy of Airbnb
3 40′ Shipping Container Home Plan – Photo courtesy of Airbnb

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