Unibox Exe White House – South Korea

Hi everybody ?

We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from South Korea.

Designed and manufactured UNIBOX HOUSE EXE type, one of the products of unibox, reflecting the requirements of the owner.

UNIBOX HOUSE EXE White, which will be used as the concept of weekend housing, has expanded the window area than the existing EXE type by reflecting the request to give openness to the yard even indoors.

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▲ Perspective View (front view from the yard)
▲ Perspective View (Looking at the courtyard _ Basalt stepping stones, reflecting the natural landscape plan)
▲ Perspective View (Side _ Side designed using existing container door)
▲ Perspective View (Decorated Porch from Deck _ Canopy and Wood Deck with Metal Material Matching Container)
▲ Perspective View (Side _ The existing container door can be opened and closed for security
▲ Perspective View (side view from the yard) 
▲ Interior View (Panorama view seen from living room _ Reflecting the proper space plan of living kitchen and bathroom where kitchen and living room are one space) 
▲ Interior View (Panorama view seen from the kitchen _ A space where you can enjoy the sunshine and the view right through the system window open toward the yard) 
▲ Interior View (View from the front door _ A simple but open space towards the courtyard where you can enjoy sunshine and view right) 
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