Wonderful Sustainable Container House from Curitiba, Brazil

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Brazil.

A 375 square meter ‘sustainable house’ structured and worked from the group and intentional inclusion of 50 experts, including planners , fashioners and architects.

All plan arrangements, just as the materials, items and administrations included followed this reason, to make the structure an incredible learning place by and by.

Worked with the utilization of seven containers and steel outline structure, under the building plan of Claudia Novak and Daniela Cerbatto, the house has 23 rooms, disseminated in two segments: living and living territory, on the ground floor, and making zone, in the main floor. Look at the full rundown beneath.

National and outside organizations take an interest as backers and supporters, introducing the most present answers for the development and upkeep of a proficient house, running from vertical nurseries to thermoacoustic protection materials made with nanotechnology.

Around 20% of the power utilized is created in the house itself, utilizing photovoltaic boards. Different estimates embraced, for example, the utilization of common light with the establishment of huge windows, machines and increasingly effective lights, give investment funds of over 30% in power utilization.

There is likewise a framework for the utilization of water, which is caught by the rooftop, treated and supplies two sterile bowls, one of which is changed over for the general cleaning of the house.

Mostra Container is situated at Estrada Ângelo Pianaro, 1.631, in the Butiatuvinha neighborhood, in Curitiba (PR).


The Mostra Container venture began in 2015, when business person Tatiana Hultmann Stavitzki procured the 1,600 square meter plot of land in a shut townhouse, encompassed by woods in a perpetual protection territory.

Moved on from an organization had practical experience in the deal and rental of containers, Tatiana romanticized the ‘sustainable house’ and looked for experts and organizations from the engineering, development and adornment divisions to join this thought.

The task was enrolled with the Green Build Council ( GBC Brasil ) with the end goal of acquiring the Sustainable Seal in the Casa methodology – universally perceived manageability confirmation. The procedure is under review and the outcome is required to be discharged in half a month.

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Tatiana clarifies that the goal is to demonstrate that it is conceivable to look for increasingly feasible other options, from the perspective of manageability, in the common development segment.

Likewise, the house has additionally been an incredible school. “During these three years, engineers and planners had the option to build up their aptitudes in sustainable development, through courses advertised. Talks were likewise given at colleges in Paraná regarding the matter and in excess of 2,000 understudies have just gotten the opportunity to become more acquainted with and gain from the thought.

Our incredible goal is to add to change individuals’ attention to their method of living and building; we have to meet up and discover answers for the issue of the abuse of characteristic assets, be lined up with the 2050 vision, for a superior world “, says the venture’s maker and general organizer of Mostra Container.

“As per the official record of Visão 2050 do Brasil, the common development area is probably the biggest customer of vitality and characteristic assets.

Its creation chain is liable for 75% of the extraction of these assets, between water, wood and minerals, creating about half of strong urban waste and the misuse of materials can arrive at 40%; That is the reason it is important to reconsider how to structure and fabricate and receive elective and utilitarian strategies “, clarifies Tatiana, alluding to the archive delivered by the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development.


  • Facade and side – artist Tatiana Hultmann Stavitzki with participation and consultancy by Felipe Guerra, mechanical engineer Fabiano Marcon and Jessika Bona Arquitetura
    1. Zen Space –  architect Luiz Maingué
  • 2 and 3. Dining and Living Room –   artist Tatiana Hultmann Stavitzki, engineer Nazaré Alves, designer Jonathan Cardozo, architect Priscila Ferstemberg and designer Mauren Buest.
  • 4. Lavabo –   architect Givago Ferentz
  • 5. Kitchen –  architect Daniela Cerbatto and designer Claudia Novak
  • 6 and 7. Copa e Churrasqueira –  architect Givago Ferentz
  • 8. Intimate Room –  designers Schaelly Campos and Mauren Buest
  • 9. Suite of the Traveling Boys –  architects Rafael Wagner and Débora Pootz
  • 10. Boys’ Bathroom – Architects Lucille Amaral and Kelly Trindade
  • 11. Teen Room – architect Gisela Ribeiro, with support from engineer Nazaré Alves
  • 12. Teen bathroom – architect Tatiana Merheb
  • 13 and 14. Refúgio do Casal – Master Suite and Closet – architect Mayana Thomé
  • 15. Bosque’s Bathroom – architects Mirian Rodrigues and Diego Viali
  • 17. Laundry – architects Milene Guerke Vieites Gil and Ana Paula Leal and designer Anna Karolinna Venturi
  • 18. Bathroom Accessibility – architect Caroline da Güral Arq. ©
  • 19. Stairs and Pet Lovers house – artist Tatiana Hultmann Stavitzki
  • 20. Library and Home Office – interior designer Nina Oven and architect Paola Burkot
  • 21. Cineasta Studio – architect Lucille Amaral
  • 22. Multifunctional Atelier and Toy Library – architects Lucia Loxca and Carolene Coimbra
  • 23. Tech bathroom – designer Jonathan Cardozo
  • 24. Family TV room – architect Zeh Pantarolli and designer Diego Miranda Leite
  • 25. Varanda do Bosque – Zeh Pantarolli and Diego Miranda Leite
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The engineer and exterior decorator Heloisa Caparica signs the finishing for Mostra Container. The run of the mill plants of the district and perennials, with a great deal of green foliage are prevalent, which made the nursery practical, since they are impervious to low temperatures and require low upkeep. The utilization of lavender, regret and rosemary gets little undesirable creepy crawlies far from the environmental factors of the house, while the little vegetable and zest garden develops discreetly in the back nursery. Manacás bring hues and the fragrance of jasmine radiates close to the gallery of the couple’s room. The nursery talks with different conditions, and coordinates amicably with the local woodland, which has in excess of 200 trees; it gets visits from toucans, woodpeckers, jacus, little and inquisitive marmosets among other local creatures that feed there.


The whole lighting venture for the house is marked by the draftsman Priscila Ferstemberg – proficient with the biggest number of undertakings executed in container in Brazil, on the whole, there are 16 – and the proposition was to work with the constraint of 50 watts for every m², to acquire the LEED accreditation and be another point for supportability. All things being equal, all rooms were sufficiently bright, agreeable, useful and dimmerized, taking into account a variety in glow as indicated by the requirements of the family. Likewise, regular light has been completely used.


General Coordination and Works Management

  • Tatiana Hultmann Stavitzki

Project management and coordination

  • Anna Paula Fraiz

Architectural project

  • Claudia Novak -Architectural design and kitchen
  • Daniela Cerbatto – Architectural design and kitchen
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Constructor EcoHome

  • Eduardo Miranda – Construtora EcoHome Responsible Engineer
  • Marcel Piras – Construtora EcoHome Architect responsible

Technical staff, execution and management

  • Abed Tokmaji – Support for BIM compatibility
  • Alexandre Ganz – Complementary projects by BIM Brasil
  • Andrew Knoll – Writer and Guide. “Knoll Content” company
  • Albanir Fracaro- guide
  • Bela Pagliosa – 3D designer
  • Diego Pardo – Hydraulic Consulting
  • Diego Galvan – Financial consulting
  • Edneia Maria Silva – Real Estate Advisory and Broker
  • Fabiano Marcon – Mechanical engineer, facade support
  • Felipe Guerra – Creative consulting and attracting partners
  • Johnatan Poterala – Steelframe Project
  • Kaliupe Sachet – Financial Control
  • Luiza Gonçaves – Legal Counsel
  • Maria Luiza knoblauch – Business consultancy, visual artist and sponsorship
  • Matheus Forte – Forte Environmental solutions, GBC Casa certification
  • Nazaré Alves – Civil engineer, construction monitoring, Living and Dining Room and Teenager’s Room
  • Priscila Ferstemberg – Lighting design and compatibility, Living and Dining Room
  • Rafael Vieira – Initial 3d project

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