A Monstrous 15-Ton Army Truck and Container Transformed into an Incredible Camper!

Mike Amo has created an extraordinary camper by combining a 1990 BMY army truck and a 40-foot shipping container!

Originally intended as a tourist vehicle, Mike pivoted to transforming this behemoth into a mobile home on wheels.

The truck, formerly a Colorado National Guard troop carrier, boasts a massive 179-inch wheelbase, 93-inch width, Cummins engine, Allison automatic transmission, and 14.00R20 XZL tires.

Photo : Youtube ( FLORB )

The shipping container was cut in half and mounted on a floating frame, allowing it to flex during off-road adventures. With Mike’s welding and electrical expertise, he single-handedly completed this ambitious $50,000 project over ten months.

Externally, the camper features LED headlights, a custom bumper with hoses, cables, a barbeque, and a chainsaw! A firetruck horn, starter batteries, tool compartments, a 2,000W diesel generator, and fuel canisters make this rig incredibly self-sufficient.

Photo : Youtube ( FLORB )

Inside, the driver’s cabin remains mostly original, with a wooden roof addition. A bathroom with a full-sized shower, toilet, and grey/black water tanks is conveniently located behind the driver’s seat.

The living space boasts a practical design with red walls, a vinyl plank floor, and a white ceiling. Mike creatively repurposed materials like an old window turned bookshelf door to keep costs down.

A wood stove he built for just $600 and a hydronic heating system utilizing engine and stove heat make this camper cozy in any climate.

The kitchen is a true marvel, split into two parts with a fridge/freezer, deep sink, ample counter space, and storage galore. But the showstopper is the insane stereo system with a 5,000W amplifier, massive speakers, and subwoofers – perfect for hosting DJs!

Finally, the bedroom features a double bed, bookshelf, fan, and 5,000 BTU A/C. Underneath the bed lies a cluttered garage housing the electrical system, including a 3,000W inverter/charger, 650Ah batteries, and a solar charge controller connected to 1,200W roof-mounted solar panels.

Photo : Youtube ( FLORB )

all for just $50K!

This one-of-a-kind tiny home on wheels combines serious off-road and off-grid capabilities with a practical living space, ingenious hot water setup, and an epic sound system – all for just $50K! Mike Amo has truly created a monstrous and magnificent camper like no other!

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